Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fake Adds on Facebook

On Facebook recently there have been many adds for debt relief and stimulus checks sent out by the Government. First of all this 100% false. Individuals like you and I are not eligible for these checks. Why? The program does not exist. Look at the photos of people they use. Often times they pick a newsperson sitting behind a desk looking official. You can see where they digitally altered the photos to add hands holding up what looks like a IRS refund check. It was the last add that grab my attention. They have Bill O’Reilly holding up a fake check with his fake photo shopped hands. Problem is, that’s not the biggest flaw in this. They have him on the set of Inside Edition. A show he hasn’t hosted in what, more than 15 years? Perhaps the Government rationalized that going back in time would prevent all this from happening. If that were true none of us would know his name.

Come on Facebook! These are misleading and deceitful adds that play on people’s fear of what is going on.

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