Friday, February 06, 2009

Of Ties and Bongs

Michael Phelps. The most accomplished Olympian in modern history. Turns out the man uses his lung capacity for other things besides collecting gold medals in the swimming pool. The man smoked some pot out of a bong. Someone took a photo of it and it ended up on the front page of a paper in England. Kellogg’s has dumped him from sponsorship and he has been suspended for three months from any swim events. Yeah. That will show him. Give a stoner free time. I wonder what he will do with three months of nothing to do?

I say give him another medal. Any stoner that can do what he has done deserves another medal. I’m not saying it has to be a gold one either. Maybe just a gold foil chocolate one. I think he would enjoy that.

I know he is a role model to kids around the world but you know what? As a reformed pot smoker he’s our role model too.

The former press secretary to the former president is not happy with Obama. Why? Obama does not enforce a dress code in the White House. Bush made it a rule that anyone working in the White House must have a jacket and tie on at all times. Well if you ever needed proof that adherence to petty rules breeds more foolish decisions this is it. Does it make you feel any better about the things the Bush team did knowing that they were all dressed as gentlemen as they made some of the most profoundly bad choices in the history of the presidency? Me either.

Its good to know that while our little war of choice was dissolving into the biggest strategic mistake in modern American history was playing out and during the destruction of our economy by the rich stealing money literally right out of your bank account these guys were more concerned with wearing the right tie.

That is so gay.

I am starting to think the entire Republican Party is in the closet. These are the same people that jumped all over Obama for not wearing a five-dollar American flag pin made in China on his lapel. To them this meant he wasn’t patriotic enough.

If your expressing yourself with Jewelry your gay.

Remember Joe the plumber? Guess what job he has now? It’s still not a plumber. He is being paid as a consulted for the GOP.

Oh that’s rich!

He lied about the taxes he owed.

He lied about his name.

He lied about actually having a plumber’s license.

He’s perfect for the Republicans! If anything the man is overqualified. Course, its not like Democrats paid their taxes either. You gotta love that. The last three Democrats Obama wanted on his cabinet didn’t get confirmed because they all forgot to pay their taxes. They did pay them and the fines too sure. But still, come on guys! If you’re the party in favor of spending tax money on health and education for the people you have to pay your taxes first before that money gets to the programs you want. Head in the game people!

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