Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Odd Compliment?

Have you ever been told something so outlandish that it renders you mute for a moment? A few weeks ago I walked in to a place and saw a guy I haven’t seen in a while. He noticed my haircut and then said, “You look like a cross between Luke Skywalker and that guy who rapes a lot.”


It’s hilarious in a strange way. When I started to think about it I realized something. When someone has excelled in their field and you cannot remember their name people will probably know whom you are talking about just by saying something like, that baseball player who hit all those homeruns but everyone thinks was using steroids. Almost anyone would say, “Oh yeah. Barry Bonds.”

So when he says, that guy who rapes a lot what he means is there is a guy out there who is so well known for it that by simply saying, that guy who rapes a lot, we would all go “Oh yeah. How is Larry?”

The Luke Skywalker thing was cool but you probably don’t want to hear the word Force in connection with the other part of that observation. Is there a Jedi out there using their powers over women's minds?

"No doesn't mean no."

I know some strange people.

Seriously though how funny weird is that compliment? “Hey haven’t seen you in a while. What have you been up to?”

“Oh you know.”

Luke Skywalker and that guy who rapes a lot! What the hell did I tell the guy who cut my hair?

“I want it sort of like Luke Skywalker in the original film and a bit like that guy who rapes a lot.”

“Oh you mean Larry!”

I’m not sure I would visit a guy with access to scissors who would automatically know who I meant just by me saying, that guy who rapes a lot.


Dean said...

Jennifer Aniston popularized the "Rachel" hairstyle so maybe you can popularize the "Luke Skywalker Rapist Who Riffs A Lot"

Anonymous said...

Oh you must have the Richard Ramirez shag.